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Tree Removals at your cottage or home

27 May Tree Removals at your cottage or home

I get a lot of clients asking if we do island tree removals.

The answer is simple. YES.

In fact, we have all the proper equipment and tools needed to do the job safely and efficiently and we are constantly adding to our knowledge toolbox. Island work can be much more complex then tree removals in town or city. We have to bring all of our gear out, often dealing with rough uneven terrain and usually difficult access. We sometime need to set up complex rigging systems involving multiple ropes and angles to carry heavy logs away from buildings. But in the end, we love our work and wouldn’t trade the job for anything.

On top of this, we can can’t just pull up with a crane, reach over your house and pick it up…although somedays I wish we could. Instead we rely on a great deal of knowledge and experience working aloft, as well as our trusty spurs, ropes and a good mornings breakfast to keep us climbing all day long. When that isn’t enough, we have a 70′ Portable tracked spider lift that can be barged to your property to remove dangerous trees, a mini skid steer that has a grapple to move logs and lots of other goodies that make our worksite safe and efficient.

We have been proudly servicing Honey Harbour, Cognashene, Go Home Bay, Gloucester Pool, Severn River, Gibson Lake as well as surrounding mainland like Barrie, Midland and Orillia for many years.

Climbing arborist are a special breed, we tend to look at things differently then most. Impart because we rely on our equipment to keep us alive day in and day out, but its more about the team you work with. At Simple Leaf our team is very strong and always looking out for one another. I am an ISA certified arborist and have attended multiple training and certification courses to ensure our work environment is a safe one. All employees using a chainsaw have taken their chainsaw training certification course, attended high angle safety courses understand the risks associated with this work and are proficient with safe dismantling of hazard trees. We also host co-op students from the Fleming Arboriculture course for summer placements to provide them with real life experience in this awesome field.

If you have any trees that are posing a threat to you property or would like to schedule an assessment, please feel free to reach out and give us a shout!


Happy Cottaging


Andrew Hull




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