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Arborists, Cottage Cleaning, and Barging

Georgian Bay Solutions

GBS offers a multitude of property services for island or mainland cottages and homes. We build YOUR ‘Property Service Plan’ specific to your lifestyle. The end result is a consistently high service standard and a relationship that will foster long term clientele.


Interior Cottage Cleaning

  Georgian Bay Solutions has earned a reputation over the past 8 years for delivering excellence in service in a discreet manner. Caring for homes and recreational properties from 1000- 17,000 sq/ft, attention to detail is part of our daily culture!   Our cleaning teams attend in groups of  two or more, for a full or half day. We specialize in seasonal home openings and closings, with most properties being maintained throughout the season on a weekly basis.   Interior detail cleaning includes:  

  • Keeping windows and doors cleaned
  • Exterior and interior lighting
  • Hardwood floors
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Cooktops cleaned
  • Overhead fans degreased
  • Ovens cleaned
  • Laundry and linens changed
  • Fireplace cleaned out and fire reset ready to light
  • Firewood brought in
  • Screens are washed on an opening in conjunction with windows during the first opening clean
  • Pollen removed from all window ledges and outdoor furniture as instructed by client

  Email us your ‘wish list’ and have your cottage or home opened and clean on your arrival.

Cottage Cleaning and Maintenance

  One of our most popular services is to get the cottage season underway. The GBS ground crew’s attention to detail on your property is what sets us apart from the ‘other guys’.   Rocks, gardens, hardscape’s, under decks — we don’t miss a leaf! And to finish it off, we can provide you with your first lawn maintenance, or set you up with a summer maintenance package so your property will stay manicured all summer long.  

  • Basic:
    • Leaves/debris raked and disposed of on site


  • Intermediate:
    • Leaves/debris raked and disposed of on site
    • 1st lawn maintenance


  • Advanced:
    • Leaves/debris raked and disposed of on site
    • 1st lawn maintenance
    • Lawn top dressed and fertilized
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Summer Maintenance Packages

  Compliment your Spring Clean Up with a season of carefree cottage or home maintenance and weekend prep. It can be as simple as basic lawn maintenance, or customized to suit your properties needs.   We offer a variety of packages:

  • Basic:
    • Lawn maintenance/blow-off of pathways & hardscapes


  • Intermediate:
    • Lawn maintenance/blow-off of pathways & hardscapes
    • Beach maintenance
    • Weekly garbage removal


  • Advanced:
    • Interior cottage clean
    • Lawn maintenance/blow-off of pathways & hardscapes
    • Beach maintenance
    • Weekly garbage removal
    • Flower planter maintenance & fertilization
    • Fireplace prep


*** Custom options are available based on individual clients. Property consultation is required for this service.


  Transportation of cargo from any marina in Honey Harbour, delivered to your cottage, safely and efficiently.   We barge when YOU need it. Reservations are suggested, but we try and accommodate late notice.  

  • Lumber
  • Machinery
  • Appliances
  • Equipment
  • Junk
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Junk Removal

  GBS will load and dispose of your junk in the most environmentally responsible way, as we know our shoreline is delicate and irreplaceable.   We separate toxic items, recyclables, and make sure that the footprint left behind is minimal.   Working together with our clients to keep Georgian Bay beautiful.